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The ROVERIS AMI System has the following characteristics:


  • Composed of the performant ROVERIS Water Meter, the concentrators that collect and send data directly to a web-server and the information data-base

  • The information is send through Bluetooth or through 3G module

  • RF bidirectional communication

  • Real time utilities consumption management using a management software that registers the consumption data in a web-server and performs the billing process

  • Real time flow control using electronic valves

  • Losses detection

  • Data reading – mobile and fixed network

  • Electronic Totalizator

  • Created also for dispersed or large areas (residential and rural areas)

Roveris Water Meter

Roveris Water Meter

The ROVERIS Water Meter has the following characteristics:


  • Single Jet with Electronic Totalizator

  • Have incorporated a Radio Module (RF)

  • Electronic linearization and precision class R160

Mobile Reader

Mobile Reader

Mobile Reader characteristics:


  • Smart digital handheld device for meter reading

  • Offers semi-automated meter reading

  • Wireless reading

  • Friendly data management software installed on a mobile smartphone or other mobile devices

Mobile Reader Android Application

Mobile Reader Android Application

The Mobile Reader Android Application characteristics:


  • Enable you to enter or update and centralize the meter indexes for consumers

  • You use meter readings to monitor equipment use and initiate maintenance tasks

  • You use the Meter Reading mobile application for Android to quickly enter meter readings for multiple meters simultaneously

  • User friendly interface

Electronic Valve

Electronic Valve

The Electronic Valve characteristics:


  • Real time water control product

  • Electronic Valve type PNI V-02

  • Controlled through an RF electronic module

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